Women´s Dreams

In 2012 we met in Mexico the Nobel Peace Prize winner Muhammand Yunus, who explained to us how he had created a micro-credit system to empower women through entrepreneurship and end poverty. Aligned with the work we develop in Square Ventures, with entrepreneurship being the core idea and women being the protagonists, we have created Women’s Dreams.

“I have never believed in charity, it creates dangerous dependencies that I have been able to see around the world, I prefer to empower through entrepreneurship, providing skills, resources and nurturing people’s spirits.”

Álvaro Cuadrado, CEO Square Ventures

In 2014 we started a pilot project in Thailand through micro-credits financed by micro-donations to get women out from prostitution and, although we did not achieve the desired success, we have developed the project and are financing projects in Mexico with indigenous women and, in Indonesia, with women affected by the earthquake.

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