In 2018 in Indonesia, several earthquakes with a strength of up to 7.1 on the Richter scale, ended the lives of more than 2.000 people, and left several thousand homeless. On the island of Lombok Álvaro Cuadrado, President of Square Ventures, travelled to the earthquake’s epicenter to analyze the situation and help the affected families by creating a project with local volunteers.

During the days we were on the ground, we managed to hand over 37.000 portions of food, 1.5 tons of rice, 180 liters of water and to assist 45 families. In the absence of NGO’s on site, we decided to create the #MovingIndonesia project, through which we have channeled donations and volunteers in constant collaboration with the Government of Indonesia through the BNPB, who was a essential partner on site.

  • LOCATIONIndonesia
    PHASE 01:
    - 37.500 portions of food
    - 1,5 tonnes of rice
    - 180 liters of water
    - 45 families assisted
    - Media audience: 98.000 people
    - Internet audience: 125.000 people