We work hand in hand with companies that understand sustainability as a priority need of their organizations. We analyze their business model, current status, sensitivity of the staff and stakeholders, we make their objectives and challenges ours, and design Corporate Social Responsibility plans aligned with the United Nations SDGs. We accompany our clients in all the phases of it’s implementation, carrying out ah doc campaigns and / or involving brands in high-impact projects that we lead.

CSR Consulting

Campaign development

Sponsorship management

Internal communication

Communication and marketing services

Entrepreneurship consultancy

Market studies and research

Training and conferences

Events and forums production


We understand training as a cornerstone from where to improve the world, being a transverse axis in all our proposals. That is why we offer integral training solutions, creating forums, conference tours and / or workshops for all audiences, from childhood to politicians. We have given more than 500 conferences and multidisciplinary workshops to a total of 75.000 students in 10 different countries on several annual tours. We have received awards in the field of equality and the best speaker at the Complutense University of Madrid. We involve the private and public sectors to continue working for education.


The main funding source of Square Ventures is Swing28, an international social marketing agency specialized in the third sector that reinvests 100% of its profits in our social projects.